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రాజ్యాధికారం కోసం బీసిలు ఏకం కావాలి, అందుకు ఓక రాజకీయ వేదిక కావాలి! అది ఐక్యతతోనే సాధ్యం!

Backward class people is a collective term, used by the Government of India, for castes which are economically and socially disadvantaged and face, or may have faced discrimination on account of birth. Most of them do not have any land ownership or economic independence and are dependent on Forward Castes for employment, mostly as farm hands or menial labour; or derive income from self employment on caste-dependent skills assignment. They typically include the Dalits, the Scheduled castes, and the Other Backward Classes (OBCs). They live mainly in rural India and perform hard physical labour such as agriculture and janitorial work. Backward Castes constitute around 50% of the Indian population. Even though they have a rich culture, many live below the poverty line. According to estimates from the Indian government's National Sample Survey, in 1999-2000 44% of Scheduled Tribes and 35% of Scheduled Castes lived in poverty. Their plight is regarded as a serious issue in Indian society. Political parties in India have attempted to use these communities as votebanks.

In Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, we have 109 BC communities and 52% of population. These 52% of BC population can have the power to decide the politics and opportunities in Andhra Pradesh. If we decide what we need, we can have our social, educational, economic and political opportunities in AP & Telangana.

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